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About us


History & Geography. JUS COGENS law firm has been operating in the legal service market since 2001. The agency is located in  downtown  Ekaterinburg, in Khokhryakov Street, 75. The agency director is the managing partner Svetlana Korabel.


Clients & Partners. The client base has been built since 2001; today it includes about 1,500 companies. The agency’s partnership network is extensive, covering such major cities as Chelyabinsk, Moscow, Tomsk, Perm, Kirov, Barnaul, Yoshkar-Ola, and Krasnodar. JUS COGENS works successfully with Chinese, Czech, German and Kazakh companies doing business in Russia.

Business Dimensions. 
Company Law:

JUS COGENS Legal Agency provides legal procedural-type services such as registration, liquidation, restructuring of for-profit and nonprofit companies, services for joint-stock companies, licensing.

Real Property. Land Law:  

registration of the title to real property, settlement of land disputes, legal support of investment projects in construction.

IT Law:

defense of rights of software developers and customers, legal support in investment in IT companies.


Human Resources. Experts working for JUS COGENS Legal Agency are graduates from the Ural State University of Economics, Ural State Law Academy, Presidential Program, Finance School at the Ural State University of Economics; they always move forward in their professional education through training programs available at IBC, Business Education Center, Private Law School, etc.


JUS COGENS Legal Agency takes pride in its top-rated status among law firms operating in the Urals and nationwide.


In 2007, JUS COGENS Legal Agency was rated high by the Expert RA Rating Agency for provision of services in the intellectual property sector and capital markets, being awarded 7th and 8th places in the rating of Russian law firms.


In the Top-List of the Delovoy Kvartal (Business Quarter) magazine (No. 7, March 3, 2008) JUS COGENS Legal Agency ranks 8th in the company consolidated revenue and ranks 9th in the revenue from legal services provided by Ekaterinburg-based law firms in 2007. The number of clients serviced by the agency within the appraisal period brought 2nd place to JUS COGENS.


Year 2008. JUS COGENS Legal Agency moves to the forefront, taking place among the ten largest law firms of Ekaterinburg; it ranks 9th in the aggregate turnover and ranks 4th in the number of clients serviced in 2008. JUS COGENS moves up to 7th place in the revenue from legal services (the Delovoy Kvartal magazine (No. 5, February 16, 2006).


Year 2009. JUS COGENS Legal Agency takes 3rd place in the consolidated revenue and in the number of in-house employees, who have a law degree, in the rating of law firms of Ekaterinburg (the Delovoy Kvartal magazine, No. 24, June 28, 2010).


Year 2010. (The Delovoy Kvartal magazine, No. 23 (786), June 27, 2011). JUS COGENS Legal Agency is awarded third place in the nomination of the corporate revenue earned in 2010 and fourth place in the total revenue, in the number of employees with a law degree, and in the office space occupied in Ekaterinburg. 

In the rating of law firms operating in the Urals and Western Siberia (the Expert-Ural Analytical Center, No. 14, April 1, 2011) JUS COGENS Legal Agency took 13th place and 6th place among the companies providing legal services in Ekaterinburg.


Year 2011. JUS COGENS Legal Agency entered the list of TOP-50 regional law firms based on the results of 2011 in the rating. JUS COGENS Legal Agency took 28th place based on the revenue among all companies and 5th place among the Ekaterinburg market players. JUS COGENS Legal Agency ranks 25th in the number of lawyers in the regional rating and 5th in the rating of Ekaterinburg firms.